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The letter to the future ECPSS High Risk Merchant

Excellent ECPSS paymentgateway solutions for your great online business

My respectful friends :

         I am marico ,the ECPSS payment gate way manager from  E-commerce Payment Service Solution(ECPSS), We are professional High risk products of the credit card processor leader , we have established strategic partnerships with VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AE. we have members in 190 + countries, supports 25 currencies and offers localized banking in 46 countries. We are always working on making our services available to more people all over the world.
ECPSS Business partners

·      All business types welcomed!
·      Swift and Easy application process!
·      99.9 % approval rating!
·      Onshore and offshore check processing available!
·      World class customer service!
·      We offer you the world class customer service ,so that your customer has unforgettable shopping experience degrees.
·      We have the world class wind control system, we can largely reduce your chargeback.
·      Approval in as little as 24 hours
·      24/7, customer service
·      Best-in-class support
·      No hidden fees
·      Low, competitive rates
·      Secure Technologies
·      No charge for Declines
·      Free Anti-Fraud reporting
Our ECPSS paymentgateway company has been certified by trustwave ,it's a resposibility and good reputation company ,if we can coopertate each other on a long term ,you don't worry about your merchant account locked for the high risk ,we have the advanced risk management to make your business lower risk and reduce chargeback largely .  https://www.trustwave.com/partners.php 
ECPSS is the advanced partner with trustwave

Credit Card Payment Processing
Global Billing Services
With a comprehensive portfolio of features and services to help reach consumers worldwide, ECPSS's all-inclusive global payment processing solutions offer more
Geo-targeted payment forms, multilingual support, acceptance of all major global payment types, and multiple currency options enable merchants to deliver messages to international consumers in a language they understand, and a payment method they are comfortable using.
Chinese Cooperation Banks partner with ECPSS
Visa,Master,American Express,Union Pay, Diners 

club International ,JCB,Citi bank ,FubanBank 

ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) 

Agricultural bank of China The bank of China CBC 

(China Construction Bank) CMBC(China Merchants 

Bank) HXB(Hua Xia Bank) Traffic bank CMBC(China 

Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.) CEB(China 

Everbright Bank) Citic bank Industrial bank 

China's postal GDB (Guangdong Development Bank) 

Guangdong union pay

Supplemented with complimentary fraud control, membership management, 24/7 online consumer support, and more, it truly is global payment processing without the hassle.
Online Merchant Global Billing Services
Buying securely and conveniently. Managing subscriptions and purchases online. Receiving live support 24/7/365. When transactions are processed through ECPSS, it's all part of the experience. Accepting all major payment methods, employing robust security measures and backing everything with accessible consumer support are just some of the ways ECPSS has developed a brand consumers trust while processing millions of transactions each year.

Countries we support for bank transfer deposits

if you have friends doing business online by internet ,if possilbe ,please free to introduce  me to them ,we can offer them professional high risk products of payment way.
i am really sorry if my mail makes you feel confused ,but please free to know it , i will not trouble you again ,maybe we can become best friends in the future.i like making friends all over the world .
Why ECPSS payment gateway?
While it may be tempting to try to get, and manage, your own merchant account, there are several advantages to choosing ECPSS payment gateway.    
ECPSS International Marketing Manager:Marcochen

  • Money & resource savings – ECPSS payment gateway  completely automates the sales processing functions for your website, eliminating your monthly overhead and reducing all of your costs into one set rate per transaction.
  • Implementation process – ECPSS  payment gateway  allows you to get your site up and running quickly and easily. No scripting or complex programming is necessary and there is no equipment or software to buy.
  • Reputation and confidence – Processing transactions , ECPSS payment gateway consistently maintains the highest service standards in the industry, producing strong consumer confidence for our service and your website.
  • Consumer support - Low processing rates are meaningless without good, 24/7/365 end-user and consumer support. ECPSS payment gateway 's live billing support center means you don't have to house and staff your own consumer support team, and ECPSS also offers an online service center for quick order lookups, cancellations and tracking. 
  • Allocation of resources - With ECPSS payment gateway  managing the payment processing functions for the sale of your goods, you are free to allocate more resources to more important business tasks, such as sales forecasting, marketing, order fulfillment and membership services.
  • Fraud detection – ECPSS payment gateway maintains a proprietary and advanced fraud detection system, built to identify and reduce online fraud. You can take advantage of ECPSS  payment gateway 's expertise to minimize fraudulent transactions and build increased consumer confidence.
  • Scalability – ECPSS payment gateway is scalable, allowing you to expand or shrink your e-commerce capabilities in accordance with your business requirements. With no monthly minimum, you pay a set fee that is based on your sales volume.
About ECPSS payment gateway
Withdraw funds and manage currencies with click of the mouse! 

As a trusted leader in global payment solutions, ECPSS payment gateway  processes more than a billion dollars in transactions each year and is one of the largest third-party payment processors. ECPSS payment gateway maintains a comprehensive set of proprietary backend and Web-based administration systems to effectively process transactions for a wide variety of markets and help provide businesses the tools and practices necessary to successfully operate.
ECPSS payment gateway understands the credit card and payment industries, and is committed to delivering innovative solutions to support the initiatives of merchant clients and meet all compliance standards. An impeccable payment record, reliable problem-solving techniques, executive team with more than many years of payment processing experience, and phenomenal consumer support underscore ECPSS payment gateway 's commitment to the markets it serves.
special words :
now we have 8000 online merchants from all over the world to 
use our payment gateway service . Each month we have 100 
billions sales volume . we are all real businessman ,one of the most important business key is trust ,please free to trust us ,we will give a amazing surpise for your great business .
cooperation creats win-win ,service upgrade value!
wish you have a nice day and have a good business in the future ! 
GOD will bless you 
Best Regards

Contact details :
website site:http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html  


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    1. HI,my kind friend ,we are the NO 1 high risk merchant account provider in china ,we can help you offer excellent high risk merchant account for your online business ,ECPSS high risk merchant account a globally connected, locally coordinated payment processing service for all sorts of businesses, big and small.
      We help you collect payments securely, swiftly and with total confidence,please contact me by :business24@ecpss.com or skype:goodluck3801

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