Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fully licensed china's bank offers Direct ECPSS Merchant and IPSP Accounts

ECPSS (E-commerce Payment Service Solution)builds on years of global experience in all aspects of payment processing and risk management. Depending on your target market, ECPSS  offers you individual solutions for your electronic payments which include domestic and international payment methods as well as credit card payments and effective risk management to protect against non-payment. Besides standardized industry solutions, ECPSS also provides customized modular concepts designed for and involving merchants to allow them to stay as flexible as possible. 

We have been in operation worldwide for several years and are considered as one of the leading providers for electronic payment processing and risk management in the international market. This international expertise gives us a unique insight into the lucrative potential of cross-border e-commerce as well as the challenges it poses. 

Therefore, ECPSS 's global solution comprises every service that a merchant needs to succeed internationally: from established payment methods to cross-border process optimization to banking services. 

1   Acceptance of all established payment methods 
2  All key currencies 
3  Highest security standards 
4  Process optimization on an international level 
5  Internationally optimized risk management 
6  Easy system integration 
7  Web-based administration 
8  Payment solutions and banking services from one source 


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