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CCP's Top Credit Card Processing Picks –National Bankcard (1)

CCP's Top Credit Card Processing Picks –National Bankcard (1)
    1 Look at the Value Proposition of each hand-picked provider.
2 Get quotes, custom-tailored for your business and compare!
3 3 Accept credit card payments and grow your business!



Flagship Review
Processor Highlights
·         eCommerce, Wireless, Retail, MOTO
Free pin pad with 0.00% debit rate
·         Free Land Line and IP Terminals
·         Low wholesale processing rates
·         No Annual Fee or per trans. differentials
·         E-Signature paperless application
·         Wide variety of processing solutions
·         Business Cash Advance
·         Money clears on next day
·         24/7 expert support
·         A BBB Rating
Setup fee
Cancle fee
Retail: 0.39%
to 1.58% 

Internet: 1.99%
Per transaction fee
$0.19 to


CCP's Top Credit Card Processing Picks - Flagship (1)

CCP's Top Credit Card Processing Picks - Flagship
1.      Look at the Value Proposition of each hand-picked provider.
2.      Get quotes, custom-tailored for your business and compare!
3.      Accept credit card payments and grow your business!



E-Mail:business24@ecpss.com or ecpss1988@yahoo.com
Flagship Review
Processor Highlights
·         eCommerce, Wireless, Retail, MOTO
·         Free credit card processing equipment
·         Free Authorize.Net payment gateway
·         Free ecommerce shopping cart
·         Free AmEx and Discover setup
·         Dedicated Account Representative
·         Funds clear within two business days
·         Electronic check conversion
·         24/7 support and customer service
·         A BBB Rating
Risk Accepted
All are eligible
Setup fee
Month to Month
Cancle fee
Retail: 0.38% 
to 1.58% 

Internet: 0.98%
to 1.98%
Per transaction fee
$0.19 to 

E-Mail:business24@ecpss.com or ecpss1988@yahoo.com

ECPSS Merchant Services Review

Top Processors

ECPSS  Merchant Services
E-Mail:business24@ecpss.com or ecpss1988@yahoo.com
Rating: *****
Reviewed by: ecpss.com May, 5th, 2012
With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from the world, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for. Additionally, you want to make sure you pick a company that is solid and reputable. ECPSS Merchant Services is considered one of the top companies in the industry and one you will definitely want to consider. Here is a look at what they have to offer.
Low Rates And Fees
ECPSS Merchant Services offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Currently they are offering a promotion where you can get your account set up and started for free. There aren't  numerous additional free services you will receive when you open an account with them including gateway software, shopping cart set-up, telecheck set-up, online reporting, reprogramming of your equipment and 24/7 customer service support.
A Variety Of Accounts To Fit Your Needs
ECPSS Merchant Services offers a variety of accounts and can accommodate just about any business imaginable. Whether you are a brick and mortar retailer, a restaurant business, a business on the go needing wireless services, an internet location and more you will be able to find an account to fit your needs. Here is a look at what the different accounts offer:
·         Internet Merchant Accounts: ECPSS offers ecommerce accounts with all the features you cold possible need. Your business will be able to accept a variety of payments including visa,Master ,JCB,AE credit card ,Dinner card . Additionally, your account will come with fraud prevention, easy transaction management and free help.
·         Vip-Merchant Accounts: ECPSS Vip merchant account plans allow businesses to either enter card not present transactions through a terminal or right over the internet. Account holders will have 24/7 customer support help, the ability to check their account right on line and a fast processing platform.
·         Retail Merchant Accounts: Retail merchant accounts offer the ability to accept all major credit cards. Businesses will have access to on line account activity, technical support when needed and fast transaction turnarounds.
·         Restaurant Merchant Accounts: ECPSS offers restaurant owners the features that they need. Account holders will be able to accept all major credit cards plus have the ability to add on tips and add a bar bill to a dinner bill. You will also get around the clock support, easy access to your account on line and more.
·         E-vip ECPSS merchant account :E-vip ECPSS merchant accounts offer business owners the ability to process credit cards on the go from just about anywhere. As with other ECPSS accounts you will also have around the clock service support, access to your account on the internet and a fast processing time.
Everything Else You May Want To Know
ECPSS Merchant Services has been servicing businesses since 2008 and has been voted the #1 merchant account provider since 2010 by Top Ten Reviews. They are known for their top notch customer service, innovative products, up to date technology and the ability to meet their customer’s needs.
E-Mail:business24@ecpss.com or ecpss1988@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brief introduction of ECPSS

You are welcomed to know business history of ECPSS

ECPSS  is a third-party payment processor with years of experience in instant payment 
business and is a member of Visa ,Master ,JCB,AE ,Diners Card.The company services clients 
worldwide and have existing accounts from Asia, US and Europe. Our center of operations 
is located in ShangHai,china.The company is primarily incorporated to deliver credit card 
payment services to online businesses. Whether you are receiving or sending payments, 
we can provide fast, safe and easy payment solutions for your business. We provide low 
processing rates to make it easy even for new e-businesses to start receiving payments 
online. No matter what kind of industry your online business is engaged in, ECPSS  is happy 
to help.

ECPSS Mission and Vision:
To be the preferred choice in Payment Solutions and Technology for ecommerce merchants.
To be a trusted brand for one-stop online payment technology and solutions.
To be the preferred choice for fast, reliable and secure third-party credit card processing.

ECPSS Industry Experience
ECPSS makes it possible for merchants around the world to accept online payments via 
Visa,Master ,AE ,JCB ,Diners Card,credit card through our ECPSS payment gateway.
Below is the list of the industries that we have supported:
General e-commerce 
Dating & Social Networks 
Software/MP3/ Contents 
Travel & Entertainment 
FOREX & Investments 
Web Design & Development
Have a nice day.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ECPSS merchant account is extremely security !

ECPSS Fraud prevention
We have employed various measures to keep transaction and financial information safe and private.
1  PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard is a set of rules that govern the safe use of credit cards. Level 1 is the highest compliance status that is given to companies that offer the strictest security precautions.
Industry-standard services. We use Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Security Code (also known as CVV2) to help stop identity theft.
2  Data encryption. We use data encryption as an additional safeguard.
3   Protecting financial information. All financial information is stored only with ECPSS. They are not shared between the buyers 
and the sellers.
4   Antifraud Team. We have employees monitoring transaction details around the clock to keep your information safe and secure.

ECPSS defense against Identity Theft
   1  ECPSS  continuously works to protect your privacy and defend your identity by using complex security measures and alert 
   2  We have agreements with concerned government agencies to capture and prosecute these criminals.ECPSS requires account verification before releasing funds.

ECPSS  anti-phishing policy
We stick to precise guidelines to help you better identify suspicious emails. ECPSS will NEVER ask for the following personal 
information in an email:
 1  Your full name
 2 Passwords
 3 Email addresses
 4 Credit and debit card numbers
 5 Bank account numbers
 6 Driver's license numbers

Report Suspicious Activity
If you ever encounter identity theft, please report it immediately to business24@ecpss.com or skype:goodluck3801 . In case of phishing, please forward the email together with your message.

ECPSS merchant benefits

ECPSS Merchant account Advantages for Merchant Benefits

1   Customer Reach – Credit cards remain the popular choice in online payment. It accounts 

for 86% of all online transactions. If you do not accept credit cards, you quickly lose that business.

2  User Satisfaction – ECPSS creates seamless payment transactions. This will give you instant credibility with your customers and make you their preferred shopping destination.

3  Competitive Pricing – We do not ask for Transaction fees.

4  User-Friendly Interface – it will take less than an hour to get familiar with our ECPSS Merchant back office system.

5  Advanced Fraud Protection – ECPSS implements the strictest rules to safeguard your identity.

6  Documentation – All your transaction history will be recorded and can be accessed by you at any time. You can also download them in your preferred format.

7  Customer support – ECPSS offers round-the-clock Customer service. Our friendly Customer Service associates can be contacted through , VOIP, telephone, email, and Skype.