Wednesday, December 28, 2011

credit card processor advantage

While it may be tempting to try to get, and manage, your own merchant account, there are several advantages to choosing ECPSS.
  • Money & resource savings – ECPSS completely automates the sales processing functions for your website, eliminating your monthly overhead and reducing all of your costs into one set rate per transaction.
  • Implementation process – ECPSS allows you to get your site up and running quickly and easily. No scripting or complex programming is necessary and there is no equipment or software to buy.
  • Reputation and confidence – Processing transactions since 1998, ECPSS consistently maintains the highest service standards in the industry, producing strong consumer confidence for our service and your website.
  • Consumer support - Low processing rates are meaningless without good, 24/7/365 end-user and consumer support. ECPSS's live billing support center means you don't have to house and staff your own consumer support team, and ECPSS also offers an online service center for quick order lookups, cancellations and tracking.
  • Allocation of resources - With ECPSS managing the payment processing functions for the sale of your goods, you are free to allocate more resources to more important business tasks, such as sales forecasting, marketing, order fulfillment and membership services.
  • Fraud detection – ECPSS maintains a proprietary and advanced fraud detection system, built to identify and reduce online fraud. You can take advantage of ECPSS's expertise to minimize fraudulent transactions and build increased consumer confidence.
  • Scalability – ECPSS is scalable, allowing you to expand or shrink your e-commerce capabilities in accordance with your business requirements. With no monthly minimum, you pay a set fee that is based on your sales volume.

The advanced Online Payment Processors

                                                        Set up, manage, configure
                     Selecting the right online payment processor has a huge impact on your business. It has to be robust enough to process all of your sales, while remaining customizable and user-friendly enough to meet your specific operational and administrative needs. ECPSS payment processing certainly has all the features you need to be successful, and a multitude of tools to help drive results.

               Integration Center – a user-friendly online interface full of helpful tips, tools and resources regarding account set-up, ECPSS services and features, customizable settings within the Admin Portal, and more.

               APIs – ECPSS APIs and Subscription Management System (SMS) enable you to have high degrees of account management directly from your website or control panel.
App Portal – for years developers and programmers have been creating applications to complement ECPSS systems and enhance some functionalities. The App Portal is a centralized online location for these created products and toolsets where you can view and select any you wish to use, or upload your own complementary application.

                  However you want to set up or configure your account, ECPSS has the resources to help. Should you require additional assistance, several FAQs, Demos, and the online Knowledge Base are available as well, and the Support Team is ready to assist 24/7/365.

Online Merchant Services review

It's All Here
  Online payment processing is vital to the success of today's businesses. While a variety of solutions exist, few are comprehensive enough to include complimentary advanced fraud protection, actionable member management tools, flexible and customizable forms, affiliate marketing services, configurable billing options, and 24/7 support for your consumers. ECPSS's does.
            More Options, More Tools, More Revenue, No Hidden Fees
       Quite simply, ECPSS payment processing grants you the level of control you want for your business, while leveraging a reliable and secure infrastructure for processing transactions without nickel and diming you with extra fees and charges.
You can provide payment types that are familiar and convenient for your users, no matter where they are located. Whether your consumers are usingcredit cards, electronic checks, bank debit, telephone billing, or are in Europe, Canada, or the United States, they can buy your product or service.

        Intelligent forms that automatically geo-target IP addresses enable you to tailor consumers' purchasing experiences to reflect their native language and local currency. Regional pricing options let you set different prices based on economic variances. You can even dictate the order in which your consumers are presented various payment options (and when) with the integrated cascade management system. Essentially, any tool or method that helps drive and capture more revenue streams is included … and included at no additional cost.

         Merchant credit card processing services are a critical aspect to running an online business. With ECPSS, you can rest assured your payment processing solution supports a wide variety of business models and billing options, and gives you the tools, data and intelligence to maximize your revenues.

Monday, December 26, 2011

E-commerce Payment Service Solution

E-commerce Payment Service Solution(ECPSS),As a trusted leader in global payment solutions, ECPSS processes more than a billion dollars in transactions each year and is one of the largest third-party payment processors. ECPSS maintains a comprehensive set of proprietary backend and Web-based administration systems to effectively process transactions for a wide variety of markets and help provide businesses the tools and practices necessary to successfully operate.
ECPSS understands the credit card and payment industries, and is committed to delivering innovative solutions to support the initiatives of merchant clients and meet all compliance standards. An impeccable payment record, reliable problem-solving techniques, executive team with more than many years of payment processing experience, and phenomenal consumer support underscore ECPSS's commitment to the markets it serves.


With offices in Valletta, Malta, ECPSS EU was established to provide a processing solution to European-based businesses that wish to offer Visa as a payment option. Backed by ECPSS, the company has supported the processing needs of European online merchants since 2002. For more information on ECPSS EU, please visit About ECPSS EU.
  • Make secure, encrypted purchases
  • Manage your order online
  • Get 24/7 support by phone or Web

  • Processing for more than 30,000 websites worldwide
  • Multiple international
    payment options
  • All-in-one e-commerce solutions for any business model
  • Aggressive fraud protection and risk management

  • Extensive customization
  • API and integration tools
  • Implementation support
  • Simple data extraction

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The best confidential payment gateway

    Do you know which payment gateway company are the best confidential ? why they are the best payment company payment gateway company ?
                  Credit Card Payment Processing
                Global Billing Services
  With a comprehensive portfolio of features and services to help reach consumers worldwide, ECPSS's all-inclusive global payment processing solutions offer moreGeo-targeted payment forms, multilingual support, acceptance of all major global payment types, and multiple currency options enable merchants to deliver messages to international consumers in a language they understand, and a payment method they are comfortable using.
Supplemented with complimentary fraud control, membership management, 24/7 online consumer support, and more, it truly is global payment processing without the hassle.
                                             Online Merchant Global Billing Services
                        Buying securely and conveniently. Managing subscriptions and purchases online. Receiving live support 24/7/365. When transactions are processed through ECPSS, it's all part of the experience. Accepting all major payment methods, employing robust security measures and backing everything with accessible consumer support are just some of the ways ECPSS has developed a brand consumers trust while processing millions of transactions each year.
                 if you have friends doing business online by internet ,if possilbe ,please free to introduce  me to them ,we can offer them professional high risk products of payment way.
      If you lose confidence, you lose everything! if you can dream it ,you can do it .we offer you the best professional payment gateway service for the online merchant all over the world .if you choose our payment gateway service ,we will make your great business more confidencial when the current world competion are more  intence .