Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The advanced Online Payment Processors

                                                        Set up, manage, configure
                     Selecting the right online payment processor has a huge impact on your business. It has to be robust enough to process all of your sales, while remaining customizable and user-friendly enough to meet your specific operational and administrative needs. ECPSS payment processing certainly has all the features you need to be successful, and a multitude of tools to help drive results.

               Integration Center – a user-friendly online interface full of helpful tips, tools and resources regarding account set-up, ECPSS services and features, customizable settings within the Admin Portal, and more.

               APIs – ECPSS APIs and Subscription Management System (SMS) enable you to have high degrees of account management directly from your website or control panel.
App Portal – for years developers and programmers have been creating applications to complement ECPSS systems and enhance some functionalities. The App Portal is a centralized online location for these created products and toolsets where you can view and select any you wish to use, or upload your own complementary application.

                  However you want to set up or configure your account, ECPSS has the resources to help. Should you require additional assistance, several FAQs, Demos, and the online Knowledge Base are available as well, and the Support Team is ready to assist 24/7/365.

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