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Replica merchant Merchant account Advantages

Multiple Banks:

Replica merchant accounts works with several banks worldwide in order to provide merchants with; multiple processing solutions, most competitive pricing, quick account turnaround while saving time by applying with the same pre-application.

High Approval Rate:

If you have been in the replica business for at least 3-6 months with processing history, there is a 100% chance we can have you approved within 2 days. The higher your volume, the lower your processing rate and the better your chances are for approval.Replica merchants are able to apply to Replica Merchant Accounts by using any pre-application that is typed. Our banks do not require a specific application to apply. This saves the merchant time by not having to fill out several applications.

Competitive Rates and Terms:

Rates Starting at lower 

Weekly Payouts

Weekly Payout Reports

Multiple Currencies Available

Direct Merchant Accounts Available

Replica Credit Card Processing Advantages

       Advanced Fraud Protection:

Replica merchant account's fraud scrubbing software will help merchants to reduce and nearly eliminate their online fraud helping to reduce their chargebacks.

Integration Options:

API (Processing Transactions On The Merchant's Website)

Virtual Terminal For Manual Orders

No Volume Restrictions:

Replica merchant accounts are given no monthly volume limit. Merchants are able to charge as many transactions and as much volume as they want.

Real-Time Transaction Response:

Replica merchant accounts offers a real-time approval or decline with every transaction in fractions of a second through our online gateway/terminal.

The online gateway/terminal systematically verifies the cardholder's address, funds available through the card (debit or credit) while sending the cardholder, their billing address and IP address through fraud scrubbing software.

Replica Credit Card Processing - Contact Us

Quick Response Time:

Our account executives will be able to assist you with any questions you might have.

Fast Approval:

Pre-approvals are given within 24-48 hours to merchants with processing statements or screenshots. Most replica merchant accounts are approved and setup within 5 days.

Replica Credit Card Processing

Setup your business with a replica merchant in 5 days. Merchants are able to accept both Visa and MasterCard ,JCB,AE ,china union pay credit card and debit card payments. Pre-approvals are given in 24-48 hours. It only takes 2-3 minutes to apply.

Replica Merchant Account specializes in setting up replica businesses worldwide with credit/debit card processing solutions.

Replica businesses are mainly considered high risk because of the heightened chance of fraud and chargebacks. Most banks believe that replica businesses will have a high chargeback rate because the customer may not be satisfied with the quality of the items being sold.

Currencies Available:




More Currencies Available Upon Request

Replica Payment Processing

Replica websites have become even more popular over the last decade. Most merchant banks avoid businesses that sell replica products because of the increased risk of chargebacks and fraud. This leaves many replica businesses without a means of accepting payments. Most customers will not prepay for replica products with western union or bank wire transfer since they are not safe and secure. These replica businesses require a payment processor that specializes in replica merchant accounts.

Replica merchants need partner with a payment processor that is able to provide them with a solutions specifically designed for replica products.

Several Replica Merchant Account Features:

No Volume Cap Limits

Real-time Payment Processing

Virtual Terminal For Manual Orders

API For Shopping Cart Internet Orders

Consistent Payouts

Chargeback And Fraud Protection

Replica merchant account application form is here ,please contact us and get it !

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Why you need to have Replica Merchant Account ?

  If you are engaged in an ecommerce replica business and sell shoes, watches, handbags, sunglasses belts and other replica products online, you need opening replica merchant account. Online replica merchant account is ideal for any type of high-risk business, as it has all necessary tools that will boost your ecommerce business and will make it grow in no time. 
The following are the main advantages of opening replica merchant account for your high-risk business. 

The main benefit is that online merchant account will enable you to accept various types of credit cards. This will help attract new customers, as online shoppers prefer making purchases with online stores that take credit cards. Accepting MasterCard and VISA JCB,AE,China unionpay plastic cards will help build customer’s satisfaction and confidence and they will feel secure when making purchases with your web-based shop.
Customers’ satisfaction helps build strong and trustworthy customer-business relationship. This, in turn, will help increase customer list i.e. you will have more loyal customers that will always shop from your store.

Replica merchant account providers offer automatic credit card processing. All the payments made by customers will be transferred to your account the very next day. This process is secure and quick. Most of online payment services providers charge high rates for their services. Replica merchant solutions providers take reasonable price for their services. Besides, by opening replica merchant account, there will be no need hiring a person for bookkeeping purposes, as you will get daily reports on completed transactions. 

Due to numerous charge-backs and various credit card frauds, a great number of online merchants is a bit reluctant to accept online credit card payments. Replica merchant account offers reliable fraud-protection solution and thus is able to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. The price for this service is included in the charge of owning an account.Credit card processing companies offer round-the-clock customer and technical support. This means that any payment getaway related problems would be immediately solved by the support service. You can apply for help any time you may need it. 

Replica merchant account will help expand your ecommerce business worldwide. Thus, your web-based store will have no border restrictions. This type of merchant account enables accepting various types of currencies and so customers from virtually any part of the world would be able to make purchases from your online store. 

If you are looking for a reliable replica merchant account provider, you are at the right place, as ECPSS Merchant account provides the best solutions for ecommerce businesses. We guaranty quick real-time credit card processing, top-notch services and reasonable rates. 

At ECPSS Merchant account , we have everything you need to process credit card payment quickly and in secure environment. Apply for replica merchant account and avail all advantages it provides.

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Replica Merchant account Rates and Payouts Details


Replica Merchant account  Rates and Payouts are Dependable on the Merchant’s Volume and the Charge back.
We believe every replica merchant is different in terms of their credit card processing volume, chargebacks, processing history and couple of various factors, we determine each factor and do our due diligence quite strictly before setting up any merchant. 

Most of our merchants involve in selling of Replica Watches, Replica Shoes, Replica Clothes and many other replicas.Currently our replica merchant processing exceeds more than 12 million a month of volume and it still growing rapidly, What we have figured providing services to replica merchant industry is providing Virtual Terminal and non 3d secure accounts works best for all Offshore Merchants, many of them process via their web store using third party services like Magento, CubeCart, Zen Cart and so forth. We provide API Integration to each merchant so they can process transactions directly on their website or can use our virtual terminal to process transactions manually by collecting credit card details over phone or via email. Each of our merchant account comes up with a MOTO processing accounts. Offshore Replica Merchant Accounts are your best choice for any kind of replica processing.

We helping Replica Merchants since couple of years and providing them safe heaven for their credit card processing needs!

 Replica Merchants Account Payouts Information

 Payments are Made Weekly to all Offshore Merchants.
 Replica Merchants account  Rates and Payouts are Dependable on the Processing Volume!We have Replica Merchants processing $10,000.00 a month to merchants processing more than a $1,000000.00 on our Replica Merchants portfolio. We deliver Weekly Bank Wire Payouts to each of our merchant. No matter which part of the world the merchants are located! We pay them to their offshore bank accounts through swift code bank wire transfer, this type of  bank wires takes 3-5 business days to reach at your end.

No matter where you located and no matter to what part you sell your replicas to? Just signup for our Replica Merchant Accounts and start accepting credit cards on your websites!

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we will help worldwide replica business owners  to come and join this high risk business community and sell the world  their replica products without any problem.Helping hard to keep all merchants up and keep processing under an  umbrella where they can keep doing their business without any hurdles, Credit card industry has been changed and things are different now a  day’s and achieving a top solid merchant account is the key to success!

Replica merchant account application is here ,you can get it through the following contacts :

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Replica Merchant Accounts for Offshore Merchants!

Replica Handbags Merchant
Merchants Selling Replica Handbags Online can get a Third Party Replica Handbags Merchant Account, so they can start processing credit cards on their websites without any trouble, all accounts comes up with a Virtual Terminal so Merchants can process transactions manually too.

Replica Watches Merchant
ReplicaMerchantAccount.com is a provider of a High Risk Replica Merchant Account for those looking for a safe heaven to Process Credit Cards on their Replica Watch Web Store, we setup Offshore Merchants and enable them to start accepting credit cards online.

Replica Shoes Merchant Account
If you selling Replica Stuff like shoes etc you can get a High Risk Replica Shoes Merchant Account and start accepting Visa and MasterCard for you Online Store.

If you selling replicas and wanted a secure method to accept credit cards on your store .. than you are on the right place … we setup Replica Merchant Accounts on both direct and third party credit card processing accounts.

Replica Merchant Account Signup!

Opening an Online Replica Merchant Account for your Replica Store is not a complex task at all. It is very easy to obtain a merchant account and has numerous advantages. It can very easily help you boost your sales and help your business grow in no time. The following reasons are why you should have an online merchant account.

* The very first reason is that it will enable you to Accept Credit Cards which will increase your store sales. accepting VISA, MasterCard ,JCB,AE credit cards and china union pay (cup) including credit card and debit card will help build the customer’s confidence and they will feel secure while shopping from your online store.

* Once the customer’s confidence is built, it will help you in retaining them and build a strong customer-business relationship. It will also increase the customer loyalty i.e. they will come always shop from your online replica store.

* All the payments made by the customers via credit card will be transferred to your account the very next day through wire transfer and you will no longer have to wait for days in order to receive funds.

* Other Online Payment Services charge a much higher amount for replicas merchant accounts as compared to an online merchant account. This will provide you a good profit margin and you will not have to pay a higher amount for using a payment service.

* It will cut down your expenses as you will no longer need someone for book keeping purposes and will save your time as well.

* Usually Replica Merchant Account Owners are a bit reluctant in accepting credit cards because of the amount of charge backs and problems they have to face that are associated with credit card payments but an online merchant account will help you to screen fraudulent transactions and save you from the hassle. The charges of this service is usually included in the charges of owning a merchant account.

* In case of any problem you can always contact your service provider’s support service. Any Payment Gateway related issue will be solved immediately by the support service so that you can start receiving payments as soon as possible.

* The main reason of opening an Online Merchant Accounts for your replica store is that you business will have no border restrictions because you will be able to accept credit card payments which is why customers from any part of the world can shop from your online store.

It is not difficult to obtain an online merchant account but the only thing you need to take care is to avoid dealing with banks as they take much time and also charge a higher amount than the private account providers. So open an online merchant account and start earning huge revenues now!

For more information on Merchant Account application form ,please free to contact us:

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Online Credit Card Processing

Online Credit Card Processing

What is ’online credit card processing’? Online credit card processing 

is an essential part of any web-based business. Online credit card processing gives a merchant the opportunity to accept payments from customers using credit cards. There are two types of online credit card processing available today:Direct merchant account processing ’ means entering in direct relationships with a merchant bank. This type of online credit card processing is the best available method of web site credit card processing. 

Direct merchant account processing accepts the most popular credit cards like VISA and MasterCard,JCB,AE,Unionpay.

Third-party credit card processing is a more complicated 
process. A third company is involved between the merchant and the merchant 
bank. The advantages of online third-party credit card processing are:
Acceptance of nearly all credit card brands known worldwide, which will 
increase purchases from customers operating non-VISA/MasterCard credit cards.

Relatively low charge backs due to the online merchant credit card processor being shared by a number of merchants. 

Third-party online credit card processing services are best for merchants who run new and small online businesses, high-risk merchants, and merchants who are for any reason not allowed to have a direct online merchant account credit card processing service.

Some of the advantages of online credit card processing services:

Fast and secure. It’s just like doing food shopping 

at a local supermarket! It takes only a few seconds to process a payment. 
Online credit card processing is handled through a secure SSL encrypted channel.

International. Whether it’s Europe, America or Asia (or Antarctica for that matters!), online credit card payment services will allow your customers to pay by credit cards from any part of the world, as 

long as there is internet access and your website is integrated with a web 
based credit card processor.
Cheap online credit card processing services are easy to find, but it is advised to compare many credit card online processing companies. The cost of the credit card processing service isn't the only number you must look at! It is not an easy task to process millions of transactions daily so credit card processing service companies may charge a small (or a large) ’fee’, flat or percentage. So it is always recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions of the service providers, especially if a third-party are involved. Be also aware of taxes, especially when handling non-VISA/MasterCard credit cards. The setup of online credit card processing is fairly easy and is done by the credit card online processing service company.

Online credit card processing is one of the most important components of ecommerce and successful fast-growing businesses. Accepting credit card payments from customers worldwide allows a business to operate freely and profitably around the whole world. There are 1.46 billion only VISA card holders worldwide! So why make your ecommerce unable to process the credit cards of these 1.46 billion potential customers? Discover credit card online services now!

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Internet Credit Card Merchant Account

Internet Credit Card Merchant Account

Adult, Pharmacy, Travel, Telemarketing, High Volume, High Risk... 


Does your business have anything to do with online pharmacy, adult, 

telemarketing, subscription/membership services, tickets, multilevel marketing or telecom? Then it may lie in the high-risk classification of the banks. Moreover, if your business involves online credit card payments then it is almost vital to have a merchant account. A merchant account will allow you to carry out credit card transactions. However, if for any reason you do not want to conduct your banking or credit card processing or want to get some taxation benefits, then an offshore merchant account can be the best option for you. 

It also proves beneficial if you are starting with a new business. Offshore accounts normally have higher processing costs or longer hold back periods but this is in lieu of a deposit requirement. This higher than normal processing charge is a by-product of the fact that the offshore bank assumes higher risk with your offshore merchant account. Under the usual circumstances you would not have problems getting an offshore merchant account unless you deviate from having ethical sales or business practices. The offshore banks do not really care about your type of business or products. This is unlike the US banks that may at times go much farther than simple due diligence or looking at potential client banks. Having an offshore merchant account can prove quite beneficial if you have a small business and the cash flow is low, since the account would not require a large up front security deposit. However, you must take into account the fact that the bank may hold back some of the proceeds as a reserve against possible charge backs.

With our quick and easy approval process, you won't have to waste your time and money searching for the right merchant account provider for your online business. We provide you with an offshore merchant account and web based payment gateway software, enabling you to sell goods and services online, in multiple currencies, securely, via Mastercard and Visa,JCB,AE,unionpay . We provide both offshore merchant account and payment gateway facilities, so there are no hidden charges. Our rates cover everything you need to accept payment by credit card online.


* API/XML interface and Virtual terminal features

* Your money can be wired to any bank in the world
* Full Reporting Capability to Monitor Sales History 24/7
* Real Time Processing of Visa and MasterCard,JCB,AE ,unionpay 
* Fraud Screening Included
* High volume limits and high average ticket price are welcome
* Will allow you to accept major credit cards online or over the phone
* European Based Banks - Our offshore banks can process payments for businesses 
located within and outside of the United States
* No currency/transfer restrictions. Weekly Settlement to any Bank Worldwide, 
after a 7 day delay
*10 % Rolling Reserve for 6 months
* 24-Hour customer Service, Privacy of information assured
* Your own Billing Descriptor possible based on volume

Secure, Cost-effective and Reliable

Our banking partners have among the highest possible ratings from major credit 

card associations. Your credit card transactions will be transferred over a 
fully secured offshore gateway. Clearance and settlement is performed by the 
offshore bank that issues the e-commerce merchant account. All credit card transactions 
are processed on the state-of-the-art equipment with three backup servers thus 
ensuring non-failing 24/7 processing.

Our server-based transaction processing system enables businesses to authorize, 

process, and manage credit card transactions securely in a real-time, online 
environment from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser.


Custom Rates based on application underwriting criteria. We want your account! Our merchant banks offshore will deposit funds direct to your bank account anywhere in the world.

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Ecommerce Merchant Account

   Whether you are running a home-based business, selling home-made stickers, or you are the Boss of an enormous automobile company, you will surely need a flexible, fully-controllable, and secure method for your customers’ payments over the Internet. That is ecommerce and the person running it is called an ecommerce merchant.

There are many advantages in having an ecommerce internet merchant account: International clientele support. Your ecommerce internet 

merchant account will make it easier for your international customers make 
payments, even if they are on the other side of the world. This will increase sales and incomes, as your business will be active worldwide and at an international level.

Fast and secure transactions. Using ecommerce merchant 

account services saves time and money. Money orders, for example, especially sent to or from another country, are extremely inconvenient for both sides, compared to ecommerce merchant solutions. International postage is very slow. 

And who will guarantee that the money order will reach its destination? Bank transactions, secure as they may be, are inconvenient too slow, up 

to 5 working days per transaction, and expensive. An ecommerce merchant account is vital for a fast-growing business.
Cheap and easy to use. Cheap ecommerce internet merchant 
accounts are not a problem to find. Many companies offer relatively cheap 
internet merchant accounts and most of these ecommerce merchant accounts are easy to setup and use. Ecommerce merchant accounts save money because transaction fees are relatively low, plus there is no need to employ additional staff or hire a professional to help you out, as ecommerce merchant accounts can be easily handled, even by beginner PC users.

Feedback. While a customer enters the relevant transaction information, he may be asked to provide additional information and feedback, which then may be processed by your company’s research team. This will provide you with information about consumer tendencies, requirements, and other important information which will lead to changes in strategies and concepts to provide a more effective product or service. This will lead to a dynamic and successful business.

After your ecommerce merchant account has been setup and integrated into your business the processing of a transaction is as easy as ABC, or as counting from 1 to 4.

A customer visits your website and chooses a service or a product that 

he wishes to purchase.
The customer clicks the ’Buy Me’ or ’Add to Cart’ 
or ’Purchase’ button and the item is added to his cart, from where 
he proceeds to the ’Check-out’.
At the ’check-out’ the customer enters personal, financial, 
and perhaps additional information. And this information goes through a payment gateway and is verified.
After successful verification of all the details the payment is transferred from the customers account to your active ecommerce merchant account.

That is easy, isn’t it! In today’s era of technology and information 

only the Internet and a reliable ecommerce merchant account will help provide stable ground for a growing and successful business.

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E-Mail: business24@ecpss.com
Skype: goodluck3801
Website :http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html 

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Doing business in china

The Basics of Doing Business in China
In the last 25 years the world has witnessed the largest and most sustained period of wealth creation in history. In 2006 China had 15 known billionaires. In 2007 the number had risen to 106, and some predict the number has now reached levels higher than the USA.
With a rapidly growing number of wealthy consumers, continued economic prosperity, increasing wages, and improved infrastructure and payment systems, it is easy to see why doing business in China makes increasing sense. Especially for B2C ecommerce operators, the opportunities in China cannot be ignored. With more than 485 million internet users, of which more than 173 million are shopping online, the scale of opportunity is enormous and still growing. Behind Japan, China is already the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world. If you are not already doing business in China, it is time to start thinking about it.

Before you do business in China, you should ask yourself the following questions:
Do you have the time and resources to enter China properly?
Entering China is still not an easy proposition, especially when establishing an appropriate physical presence. Countless experts advise that entering the market and building a business that makes a profit will take a number of years. Those entering the market should be taking a longer term investment view and not expect success to come quickly or easily. For those that have the resources and patience, the potential long term rewards are huge.
Have you taken all the steps needed before exporting to China?
Are you sure your business is fully committed to the necessary level of money, resources and time that will be required? Are you sure your product will have enough competitive and marketing advantages to sell successfully. China is a highly competitive market and you will need to ensure your research is thorough. Also can you reach the potential production levels that may be necessary if you are manufacturing out of China? China is very much a volume driven market and products generally have to be produced at huge volumes to gain economies of scale and pricing competitiveness. Are you ready for a very different marketing approach? Marketing in China is very different to Western markets due to the huge cultural variations across the different geographic regions. Selecting markets within China and setting prices is not easy. China has many large regional markets, along with numerous niche markets which have great price sensitivity.
Are you willing and ready to setup in China?
There are ways of dipping your toes into the China market and many research firms that can assist you in evaluating your companies’ potential in China, however to really grow and build a long term business with China, you are going to need to establish a local presence. This is not a cheap or fast exercise. Expect to invest large amounts and you will have to do plenty of flying.
If your business is looking to do business in China, we can help you with all aspects to accepting payments. Contact us today to help you establish or improve your payment system.
ECPSS payment Services is a China Online Payments company. Our main services include: China Payment GatewayUnion Pay acceptance, China POS, China Merchant Accounts, China Mobile Payments, and China Payment Processing.