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Replica merchant Merchant account Advantages

Multiple Banks:

Replica merchant accounts works with several banks worldwide in order to provide merchants with; multiple processing solutions, most competitive pricing, quick account turnaround while saving time by applying with the same pre-application.

High Approval Rate:

If you have been in the replica business for at least 3-6 months with processing history, there is a 100% chance we can have you approved within 2 days. The higher your volume, the lower your processing rate and the better your chances are for approval.Replica merchants are able to apply to Replica Merchant Accounts by using any pre-application that is typed. Our banks do not require a specific application to apply. This saves the merchant time by not having to fill out several applications.

Competitive Rates and Terms:

Rates Starting at lower 

Weekly Payouts

Weekly Payout Reports

Multiple Currencies Available

Direct Merchant Accounts Available

Replica Credit Card Processing Advantages

       Advanced Fraud Protection:

Replica merchant account's fraud scrubbing software will help merchants to reduce and nearly eliminate their online fraud helping to reduce their chargebacks.

Integration Options:

API (Processing Transactions On The Merchant's Website)

Virtual Terminal For Manual Orders

No Volume Restrictions:

Replica merchant accounts are given no monthly volume limit. Merchants are able to charge as many transactions and as much volume as they want.

Real-Time Transaction Response:

Replica merchant accounts offers a real-time approval or decline with every transaction in fractions of a second through our online gateway/terminal.

The online gateway/terminal systematically verifies the cardholder's address, funds available through the card (debit or credit) while sending the cardholder, their billing address and IP address through fraud scrubbing software.

Replica Credit Card Processing - Contact Us

Quick Response Time:

Our account executives will be able to assist you with any questions you might have.

Fast Approval:

Pre-approvals are given within 24-48 hours to merchants with processing statements or screenshots. Most replica merchant accounts are approved and setup within 5 days.

Replica Credit Card Processing

Setup your business with a replica merchant in 5 days. Merchants are able to accept both Visa and MasterCard ,JCB,AE ,china union pay credit card and debit card payments. Pre-approvals are given in 24-48 hours. It only takes 2-3 minutes to apply.

Replica Merchant Account specializes in setting up replica businesses worldwide with credit/debit card processing solutions.

Replica businesses are mainly considered high risk because of the heightened chance of fraud and chargebacks. Most banks believe that replica businesses will have a high chargeback rate because the customer may not be satisfied with the quality of the items being sold.

Currencies Available:




More Currencies Available Upon Request

Replica Payment Processing

Replica websites have become even more popular over the last decade. Most merchant banks avoid businesses that sell replica products because of the increased risk of chargebacks and fraud. This leaves many replica businesses without a means of accepting payments. Most customers will not prepay for replica products with western union or bank wire transfer since they are not safe and secure. These replica businesses require a payment processor that specializes in replica merchant accounts.

Replica merchants need partner with a payment processor that is able to provide them with a solutions specifically designed for replica products.

Several Replica Merchant Account Features:

No Volume Cap Limits

Real-time Payment Processing

Virtual Terminal For Manual Orders

API For Shopping Cart Internet Orders

Consistent Payouts

Chargeback And Fraud Protection

Replica merchant account application form is here ,please contact us and get it !

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