Friday, February 17, 2012

Debit/ATM Card Case Study

Here’s an example case study we completed to show you the savings by using a PIN Pad.
Solution Benefits
  • No charge backs
  • Reduced employee theft
  • Ability to offer a cash-back option to customers
  • Increased revenues
  • No discount rate, only a per transaction fee
  • Reduced risk of bad check losses
Internal or External? — Choosing a PIN Pad
When it comes to choosing an internal or external PIN pad for your retail establishment you will want to weigh in the pros and cons.
Internal PIN Pads
If you’re someone who wants an all-in-one unit then this may be the route you want to go. These processing terminals have a smaller footprint (since the PIN pad is internal) which doesn’t take up much space.

External PIN Pads
If you don’t mind having two pieces of processing equipment (terminal for credit cards and external, usually handheld unit for Debit transactions) then you may want to opt for an external PIN pad. IVI Checkmate, a manufacturer of payment processing equipment, completed a survey and found a few reasons why choosing an external PIN pad might be in your best interest.
  • Swiveling can take up more counter space
  • Most merchants don’t place their terminals in a customer-accessible location
  • You may not want customers handling your processing terminal
  • Strain on cables caused by swiveling can increase equipment failure rates
Who Needs This Solution?
Debit card processing is another good additional processing solution to credit cards. It is also the fastest growing way to pay for orders, topping credit cards. Any business no matter what industry they may be in can benefit from accepting debit cards. The convenience of not having to write out a check is something that can really draw people to use their debit card to make purchases. Retail merchants can certainly save themselves a lot of money each month by investing in a low cost PIN pad to connect to their swipe terminal. Again, online merchants can save money by looking into an eCheck acceptance service.

Debit Card Processing Resources
Any Merchant Account Provider will be able to set you up to accept debit cards if you are interested. Contact your provider now for details or search for one here

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