Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Offshore High risk Merchant Account

If your business one of the following: retail, online pharmacy, travel, ticketing, entertainment, etc. please complete the form below to receive a rate quote within 48 hours or less. Our featured providers are specialized in offering payment solutions to both low and high risk merchants.

  • The most competitive offshore processing costs that you’ll find anywhere.
  • Accept major credit cards, debit cards and checks.
  • Back-end reporting, query, and data download tools
  • Multi-currency processing and settlement
  • Technical support
  • Simple integration
  • Recurring billing
  • Advanced fraud prevention solution
  • 3D Secure is supported

Offshore Merchant Account Inquiry/Pre-Application


Simply complete the form below and a sales representative will contact you shortly with more information and your rate quote.
Are you tire to find a professional payment gateway for your great business ?
we are the professional online payment gateway ,we can accept visa,master ,JCB,AE credit card payment method ,all high risk  business types welcomed! 99.9 % approval rating!Never locked your merchant account!Low, competitive rates .

E-mail: paymentgateway@yahoo.cn
website site:http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html   


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