Monday, February 13, 2012

Online Payment and Credit Card Processing Options

By offering a credit card processing and online payment service such as Paypal or Worldpay on your website, you enable your visitors to make direct payments into your merchant account. Many online payment services are highly secure, free and offer cheap credit card processing services. Most online payment providers collect a small commission for the credit card processing service.
Ecpss is a leading e-payment service provider , with a mission to provide better e-payment solutions and value-added financial services through technology and innovation.. Ecpss is the rising leader in secure online payment solutions that was founded to facilitate safe instant payments between individuals and online businesses.
Under the "Ecpss" brand, the Company's products and services aspire to support a safe and convenient transaction environment and establish secure, fast and confidential payment platform for e-commerce operators, Internet content providers and individual users.. "Ecpss" is the number one choice for making money and sending payment online.

The Company has established strategic partnerships with VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AE.
Ecpss has members in 190 + countries, supports 21 currencies and offers localized banking in 46 countries. We are always working on making our services available to more people all over the world.we can accept visa,master ,JCB,AE credit card payment method ,all high risk  business types welcomed! 99.9 % approval rating!


Paypal is the easiest way for customers to make online payments. Payment is made either directly through your website or via e-mail. Paypal charges a small fee for credit card processing. When a visitor from your website initiates to pay you using Paypals online payment service, the customer is sent to a secure Paypal website. He or she than enters the details of their credit card for verification and processing. After the transaction, Paypal will redirect the user back to your website.

WorldPay is a popular online payment service used by many ESL tutoring services, or with companies dealing with foreign currency. Worldpay offers a very flexible and simple solution to multi-currency payment. In addition to visitors making online payments on your website, Worldpay allows you to collect payments by phone, fax or mail using the same online payment processing service.
To use the services of Paypal, Worldpay or some other online payment and credit card processing service provider, you will have to copy and paste some simple HTML codes into your web pages.
E-mail: paymentgateway@yahoo.cn


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