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Online Credit Card Processing

Online Credit Card Processing

What is ’online credit card processing’? Online credit card processing 

is an essential part of any web-based business. Online credit card processing gives a merchant the opportunity to accept payments from customers using credit cards. There are two types of online credit card processing available today:Direct merchant account processing ’ means entering in direct relationships with a merchant bank. This type of online credit card processing is the best available method of web site credit card processing. 

Direct merchant account processing accepts the most popular credit cards like VISA and MasterCard,JCB,AE,Unionpay.

Third-party credit card processing is a more complicated 
process. A third company is involved between the merchant and the merchant 
bank. The advantages of online third-party credit card processing are:
Acceptance of nearly all credit card brands known worldwide, which will 
increase purchases from customers operating non-VISA/MasterCard credit cards.

Relatively low charge backs due to the online merchant credit card processor being shared by a number of merchants. 

Third-party online credit card processing services are best for merchants who run new and small online businesses, high-risk merchants, and merchants who are for any reason not allowed to have a direct online merchant account credit card processing service.

Some of the advantages of online credit card processing services:

Fast and secure. It’s just like doing food shopping 

at a local supermarket! It takes only a few seconds to process a payment. 
Online credit card processing is handled through a secure SSL encrypted channel.

International. Whether it’s Europe, America or Asia (or Antarctica for that matters!), online credit card payment services will allow your customers to pay by credit cards from any part of the world, as 

long as there is internet access and your website is integrated with a web 
based credit card processor.
Cheap online credit card processing services are easy to find, but it is advised to compare many credit card online processing companies. The cost of the credit card processing service isn't the only number you must look at! It is not an easy task to process millions of transactions daily so credit card processing service companies may charge a small (or a large) ’fee’, flat or percentage. So it is always recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions of the service providers, especially if a third-party are involved. Be also aware of taxes, especially when handling non-VISA/MasterCard credit cards. The setup of online credit card processing is fairly easy and is done by the credit card online processing service company.

Online credit card processing is one of the most important components of ecommerce and successful fast-growing businesses. Accepting credit card payments from customers worldwide allows a business to operate freely and profitably around the whole world. There are 1.46 billion only VISA card holders worldwide! So why make your ecommerce unable to process the credit cards of these 1.46 billion potential customers? Discover credit card online services now!

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