Thursday, August 30, 2012

Replica Merchant account Rates and Payouts Details


Replica Merchant account  Rates and Payouts are Dependable on the Merchant’s Volume and the Charge back.
We believe every replica merchant is different in terms of their credit card processing volume, chargebacks, processing history and couple of various factors, we determine each factor and do our due diligence quite strictly before setting up any merchant. 

Most of our merchants involve in selling of Replica Watches, Replica Shoes, Replica Clothes and many other replicas.Currently our replica merchant processing exceeds more than 12 million a month of volume and it still growing rapidly, What we have figured providing services to replica merchant industry is providing Virtual Terminal and non 3d secure accounts works best for all Offshore Merchants, many of them process via their web store using third party services like Magento, CubeCart, Zen Cart and so forth. We provide API Integration to each merchant so they can process transactions directly on their website or can use our virtual terminal to process transactions manually by collecting credit card details over phone or via email. Each of our merchant account comes up with a MOTO processing accounts. Offshore Replica Merchant Accounts are your best choice for any kind of replica processing.

We helping Replica Merchants since couple of years and providing them safe heaven for their credit card processing needs!

 Replica Merchants Account Payouts Information

 Payments are Made Weekly to all Offshore Merchants.
 Replica Merchants account  Rates and Payouts are Dependable on the Processing Volume!We have Replica Merchants processing $10,000.00 a month to merchants processing more than a $1,000000.00 on our Replica Merchants portfolio. We deliver Weekly Bank Wire Payouts to each of our merchant. No matter which part of the world the merchants are located! We pay them to their offshore bank accounts through swift code bank wire transfer, this type of  bank wires takes 3-5 business days to reach at your end.

No matter where you located and no matter to what part you sell your replicas to? Just signup for our Replica Merchant Accounts and start accepting credit cards on your websites!

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we will help worldwide replica business owners  to come and join this high risk business community and sell the world  their replica products without any problem.Helping hard to keep all merchants up and keep processing under an  umbrella where they can keep doing their business without any hurdles, Credit card industry has been changed and things are different now a  day’s and achieving a top solid merchant account is the key to success!

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