Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ecommerce Merchant Account

   Whether you are running a home-based business, selling home-made stickers, or you are the Boss of an enormous automobile company, you will surely need a flexible, fully-controllable, and secure method for your customers’ payments over the Internet. That is ecommerce and the person running it is called an ecommerce merchant.

There are many advantages in having an ecommerce internet merchant account: International clientele support. Your ecommerce internet 

merchant account will make it easier for your international customers make 
payments, even if they are on the other side of the world. This will increase sales and incomes, as your business will be active worldwide and at an international level.

Fast and secure transactions. Using ecommerce merchant 

account services saves time and money. Money orders, for example, especially sent to or from another country, are extremely inconvenient for both sides, compared to ecommerce merchant solutions. International postage is very slow. 

And who will guarantee that the money order will reach its destination? Bank transactions, secure as they may be, are inconvenient too slow, up 

to 5 working days per transaction, and expensive. An ecommerce merchant account is vital for a fast-growing business.
Cheap and easy to use. Cheap ecommerce internet merchant 
accounts are not a problem to find. Many companies offer relatively cheap 
internet merchant accounts and most of these ecommerce merchant accounts are easy to setup and use. Ecommerce merchant accounts save money because transaction fees are relatively low, plus there is no need to employ additional staff or hire a professional to help you out, as ecommerce merchant accounts can be easily handled, even by beginner PC users.

Feedback. While a customer enters the relevant transaction information, he may be asked to provide additional information and feedback, which then may be processed by your company’s research team. This will provide you with information about consumer tendencies, requirements, and other important information which will lead to changes in strategies and concepts to provide a more effective product or service. This will lead to a dynamic and successful business.

After your ecommerce merchant account has been setup and integrated into your business the processing of a transaction is as easy as ABC, or as counting from 1 to 4.

A customer visits your website and chooses a service or a product that 

he wishes to purchase.
The customer clicks the ’Buy Me’ or ’Add to Cart’ 
or ’Purchase’ button and the item is added to his cart, from where 
he proceeds to the ’Check-out’.
At the ’check-out’ the customer enters personal, financial, 
and perhaps additional information. And this information goes through a payment gateway and is verified.
After successful verification of all the details the payment is transferred from the customers account to your active ecommerce merchant account.

That is easy, isn’t it! In today’s era of technology and information 

only the Internet and a reliable ecommerce merchant account will help provide stable ground for a growing and successful business.

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