Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Choose Your Payment Gateway in Easy Steps

 1  Know Payment Gateway Definition
Payment gateway is an infrastructure to enable a web merchant having an online ECommerce store to charge a customer from his credit/debit/prepaid card or bank account(netbanking) resulting in transfer of funds electronically from customer’s account to merchant’s account.
 2  Learn payment gateway & Ecommerce terminology

Payment Gateway
A payment gateway is an Ecommerce online transaction processing platform/interface which allows a merchant(you) to receive payment online from customers using various types of cards and netbanking facilities
3  Read Pros & Cons of accepting cards online?
4  Are you selling any banned products?
5  Which factors to look for when comparing payment gateways?
6 Learn about Merchant Account Fees that you may need to pay to payment gateway service providers
7 Do a Price Comparison of payment gateways in China.
8 Any doubts? Raise it in our Payment Gateway Forum. We'll try to respond to your queries in the discussion forum. 9 Go through this checklist before you apply for a merchant account so that your website does not get rejected! 10 Done. You'd have finalized a suitable payment gateway. Apply for it.
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