Wednesday, April 4, 2012

why you need to choose ECPSS high risk merchant account ID

why you need to choose ECPSS high risk merchant account ID
1 Our ecpss high risk merchant acccount company is the advanced partner of the Asia/Pacific trustwave. you can find our ecpss paymentgateway company logo on the trustwavehttps://www.trustwave.com/partners.php 
 so that our ecpss paymentgateway company is most safe ,professional ,efficient, trustworthy ,stability , we are very famous all over the world , we are the NO 1 paymentgateway company in china.

2 Our ecpss high risk merchant account ID can be added in 6 business URLs free , it will save more charge fee and let your online business more development space. 

3 our ecpss high risk merchant account can accept 25 currencies ,such asRMB,USD,HKD,GBP,JPY,EUR,AUD,CAD,SGD,NZD,TWD,KRW,DKK,TRY,MYR,THB,INR,PHP,CHF,SEK,ILS,ZAR,RUB,NOK,AED. The number of the currencies will be increased in the future. you can make your online business capture the global marketing with our ecpss high risk merchant account help in the future.

4 our ecpss high risk merchant account has very higher transaction successful rating 99.9% , it will help you make more sales volume and profit with your same investment.

5 ecpss paymentgateway company can settle your settlement payment as RMB and USD, you just need to offer your local bank account and name ,we can transfer your all settlement payment to you in no time free by bank wire.

6 you should make it clear , your paymentgateway company (ECPSS)belongs to china , so your business profit and benefit will be protected by our ECPSS company and the LAW of Republic of China . so you and your business are very safe . in some federal state countries and banks ,such as America,there are so many bad restrictions of products or service for the merchant . In china ,we have no any bad restrictions of products or service  to our merchant. you have very bigger space benefit with our ecpss high risk merchant account ID .

7 Information Security
ECPSS is committed to handling your customer information with the highest standards of information security. Your credit card and bank account information is stored in encrypted form on computers that are not connected to the Internet. When your information is transferred over the internet, 128-bit SSL encryption is used to ensure your sensitive data is not legible by anyone on the internet.

8 we offer MD5 encryptpassword , you merchant account  and customer personal credit card infomation is very safe. 

Contact information 

website site:http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html  


  1. Hello,

    Nice post. ECPSS is open to payment transferring for any high risk business, which is pay us a certain amount of fee in exchange for the safety in transferring your money from other accounts to yours continuously on a yearly basis. Thanks for this information. I really appreciate your work, keep it up....

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  3. Thank you for giving such a nice information about high risk merchant account.. your blog always very innovative and too useful for us or others .. i will come back again and read your new blogs.... keep it up :)

  4. No one wants to consider their business as high risk however there are several factors that can classify your business as such. These could include: industry type, product/service sold, large transaction size, large monthly or spiked monthly volume, High Risk Merchant Account


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