Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ECPSS Merchant Account Application procedure

The application ECPSS merchant account procedure 

1 Our ECPSS Merchant account  charge fee :set up fee and annual fee , I can active your merchant account when I receive your annual fee ,the set up fee will be deducted from the first payout . if your payment is ok ,please free to send screen shot of the payment wire info by business24@ecpss.com and paymentgateway24@yahoo.com, ecpss2012@gmail.com
I will let our ECPSS finance department to confirm your payment.

2 I will apply ECPSS Merchant account ID from our acquiring bank :bank of china for your great online business .you need to full in the ECPSS Merchant application form. You need to offer your name and account of local bank as we settlement bank account  ,so that we can transfer your settlement payment to you immediately by bank wire.

3 I will contact our tech guy to insert our ECPSS API paymentgateway interface port to your business website .if we do it well ,I will let you try to have a test .

4 Everything is ok , our ecpss paymentgateay company will sign merchant agreement with you .

5 I (Maricochen)will be your merchant service manager ,if you have any problems ,you always can find and solve the problems from my hands.

Contact information 

website site:http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html  

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