Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FAQ of ECPSS Merchant Account

1. When do I get paid? 
We pay weekly with 24-48 hours behind.
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2. Is it complicated to use Control Panel? 
No. Everything is automated. The main function merchants have is to website within their Control Panel. Everything else will be automated. If you still have problems, we are willing to do the setup as well at no cost.
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3. What exactly is a membership and why would I want it? 
Membership system will allow you to sell content. For example, in order to access certain web pages you would need a password.  The membership system allows you to sell access or permission to view certain pages.
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4. What credit cards do you accept? 
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard ,JCB,AE credit card ,china-union pay bank card (union pay debit card and credit card )for instant online sales.
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5. How much does it cost to sign-up for ECPSS? 
There is sign-up fee. No hidden charges.
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6. Are there additional fees for rebilling features and memberships? 
No. Everything is included within one low fee.
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7. Do you provide API interface? 
Yes, we have XML ,JSP,PHP,.NET ,ASP,ec-shop,magento,opencart ,osc, prestashop, virtuemart, wordpross, zencart,API interface
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8. Do you accept merchants outside of Canada and United States? 
Yes, ECPSS accept merchants in any countries.
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9. Will International merchants need to incorporate and set up bank accounts in Canada or the United States? No, International Merchants do not need to incorporate or set-up bank accounts in Canada or US. We will wire your monies to your bank account in which ever country you wish. Minimum wire transfer amount is $5000$.
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10. Does ECPSS provide any 1-900 or checks processing payment options? 
At this time, we do not offer any 1-900 or checks processing services.
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11. Do you have set pricing, or can I charge whatever I want?
You can charge any amount you want, as long as it is more than $1 and less than $2000.
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12. Do you accept both electronic and physical delivery merchants? 
Yes, in many cases our merchants will offer both electronic download and physical delivery of products or services from their  
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13. Does the merchant web site need to be hosted in Canada or the United States? 
No, you may have a web site in which ever country you wish. You will simply be hyperlinking to us for the secure, on-line credit card processing, so whether your site is across the road or halfway around the world makes no difference to us!
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14. Do I have to place any forms at my web site? 
No. All the forms are handled at our server. There is no need for any forms or "secure" environment at your side. You just link  to our secure order page.
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15. Do you have a holdback on sales income? 
A security deposit is required for all accounts. Currently we deduct 10% (depends on business type) for holdback fund.  Holdback fund returned to you within 6 months.
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16. Do you notify me if there is a chargeback? 
Yes, we will e-mail you notification that a chargeback has been processed. We send all e-mails to the address specified in our  ACCOUNT INFORMATION database (not the email address in the web site information database.) Chargeback fees will be applied to  your next payment.
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17. May I dispute chargeback? 
You're able to dispute chargeback only if you have valid proof of delivery :received code of chargeback is 4855 (for mastercard) or 30 (visa) (non-delivery)signed person is the same who ordered items (cardholder)
when the signature is possible to view (AS IS)you should provide proof of delivery during 7 business days after chargeback received.

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18. Can I check my sales statistic at any time? 
Yes, you can check your sales statistics at any time by simply log-in our Merchant Control Panel.
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19. Will I need to purchase and/or install any special software or hardware to use ECPSS? 
No, you will not. ECPSS provides everything you will need to process online transactions. We will also provide full support with the creation of the interface required for our systems to communicate with each other. The setup is fast and easy!
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20. If I apply for own descriptor with Your company will I get a real merchant account? 
Yes, for big turnover merchants ECPSS setup your own descriptor with domain and phone number which customers will see in their  
bank statements. There would be setup fee, you may pay it from your first sales.
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21. Are there volume caps? 
No there are not. You can process as much as You want unless we specifically set a volume cap for Your business. Generally we  
dont do it.
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22. What currencies can You accept transactions in? 
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23. What is a chargeback? 
A chargeback is a forced refund from a customer's credit card company. It occurs when a cardholder decides to formally dispute a charge on his/her credit card bill, often because of someone fraudulently used that card number. According to credit card  associations rules, Internet merchants must accept credit card fraud as part of the normal risk of doing business on the Internet. The amount of credit card fraud highly depends on your business nature. To reduce chargebacks, try to collect as much information as possible from your customer, and perform a phone order confirmation. If the order is found to be valid, then  proceed with the order. A chargeback fee is a penalty fee that passes on to the merchant.
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24. What is Holdback? 
The Holdback is a percentage of the total transaction volume that is used to prevent catastrophic loss resulting from  chargebacks. Typical holdback is 10% for 180 days. Once the 180 days has expired, the funds will be released back to your  account. The fund is calculated and withheld for every payout period.
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25. Can I speak with sales representative by skype? 
Yes, you can contact us by Skype:goodluck3801 and ask any questions.
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26. Do you have integration manual?
Yes, you can get it from skype:goodluck3801 or ecpss2012@gmail.com
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Contact info:
Skype: goodluck3801
Website :http://www.ecpss.com/index_en.html


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