Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Offshore ECPSS — Reliable High Risk & Third Party Services

Take the best rates and earn money simple with ECPSS High Risk Offshore Merchant Account Services
We specialize in providing offshore merchant account and third party merchant account payment solutions to international businesses.

ECPSS provides a credit card payment gateway allowing you to clear all major credit cards  against very competitive rates. We provide reliable Merchant Account Services. If you use the ECPSS you will benefit of a substantial sales increase, as well as lower costs. ECPSS offers these solutions in integrated packages that will perfectly adjust to your company requirements, in any field of work. We processes for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts. We set your rates as determined by your type of business. "Low risk" businesses such as web hosting qualify for a lower rate, whereas a "High risk" business such as travel merchant account have higher rates. A business is generally classified as high risk when both its chargeback potential and the likelihood that it will shut its doors and disappear over-night are considered high based on the history of that type of business. Whether a business is considered high-risk by ECPSS and our banks depends on on many variables. For high volume merchants we provide XML API interface for direct credit card transactions processing.

Here are some of the high risk merchant accounts that we will accept for credit card processing:
General eCommerce merchant accounts
Online dating merchant accounts
International Call Center Accounts
Voice over IP merchant Accounts
Web Hosting accounts
Outbound Telemarketing Merchant Accounts
Prepaid Phone Card Accounts
Vitamin and Herbal Product Merchant Accounts
TMF Merchant Accounts
High chargebacks/refunds merchant accounts

Key Benefits

Visa 3d Secure and Mastercard SecureCode available;
Own descriptor for big volume merchants;
XML API interface or hosted order page;
Quick online payment implementation;
Acceptance of the main credit card types;
Support shopping cart systems: OSCommerce, CubeCart, X-cart, ZenCart, Shop-Script, Virtuemart, Magento;
Secure Server (under SSL certificate);

Administration merchant web interface;
Complete products, services and membership management;
Shipping fees management;
Customized shopping cart and order page design;
Immediate integration with your website;
Integration, reporting and password management tools;
Every country is welcome;
Powerful Marketing Tools, including Affiliate programs;
Recurring billing supported as well as free trials for your clients

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