Friday, October 28, 2011

Which industries are identified as high risk business ?

    Which industries are identifified as high risk business ?
   High risk business means high economical profit ,this is the main reason i like ,i like huge challenge ,challenge make me more stronger and intelligent !
    Merchants such as travel, adult, adult internet, and collection services, among others are considered to be High Risk.
Here are a few other business type that are classified as high risk.
Adult Sites and Products
Amusement & Recreation Services
Auto Rental
Bail Bondsmen
Buying / Shopping Clubs / Wholesale Clubs
Cellular Phones & Beepers
Check Cashing Services
Coin Shops

Collection Agencies
Computer Stores
Credit Repair
Credit Interest Rate Reduction
Custom Products
Detective Services
Door-to-Door Sales
Downloading of Software
Escort Services / Massage Parlors
Gun Shops
Hair Restoration Services
High Volume / High Ticket
Home / Apartment Operated Business
Horoscope / Fortune Tellers
Insurance Products
Investment Opportunities
Internet / Custom Jewelry Sales
Meat Provisions, Freezer, Lockers
Mortgage Services / Securities Sales
Multi-level Marketing

Outbound / Inbound Telemarketing / Phone Solicitation
Pawn Shops
Internet Pharmaceuticals / Vitamins
Seminars, Educational
Sports Cards
Sports Forcasting / Consulting
Telecommunications Equipment Sales
Time Share Sales
Used Auto Sales
Water Purifiers

Weight Loss Centers
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